Friendship Café     (français)
Once a month the International Club organizes a friendship coffee. This monthly meeting allows the members of the association to go outside of the traditional activities. It is also an opportunity to welcome the new members. This Wednesday December 7, 2005, it is at the tearoom of the Mosque of Paris located in the 5th arrondissement, who is accommodating this "tea of the friendship�.
By Guillaume THECHI


For the last " Friendship Coffee " of the year, about twenty people are present. Yann, a 22 year old French student, is one of the first to arrive: " I came through curiosity,� he specifies. Originally from Nantes, he is in his third year of studies on the capital. He knew about the Club before coming to the last meeting of the year. "I participated twice in the language workshops;" he says "I appreciate this concept of the friendship coffee.�

Many nationalities represented

At this beginning of the evening, the young people of the Club occupy two tables in the large room of the Mosque. Rapidly, the group circles around the table which dominates the rest of the room. The languages represented are varied (German, Arabic, Spanish, English, ...) and many more. Although many do not know each other, all take part in the conversations: "And you, what do you do? Which country do you come from?� "From France and Germany" Grégor could have answered, a 23 year old marketing trainee. "In general, it is not easy to meet Parisians,� he says, before adding: �at this time of the year, there are fewer excursions organized, thus this friendship coffee arrives at a good time. "

Little by little, the shy person �leaves their shell" and the evening proceeds in a good friendly environment.

Pleasant and friendly decorations

The warm surroundings ensure a change of scenery, and the evening in particular makes it possible to discover the International Club, its activities and its members. "I had never been to the Mosque,� says Ulriche, a 22 year old German, � the place is more beautiful than I had imagined." For the new members, it is a good opportunity to meet and exchange with other French and foreign students: "I was also there,� Ulriche continues , �to meet young people of other nationalities, I already knew Germans."

To discuss, and to improve your French.

The evening is accompanied with mint tea and Oriental pastries. Between mouthfuls, Nina, a Russian student, explains why she holds this meeting close to her heart : "This meeting gives me the opportunity to speak and learn with new people. "She, who is an assistant Russian professor, is profiting from each opportunity to improve her level of French. With her small notebook for vocabulary, she will add new words: meetings, exchanges, and friendliness.


Christophe is 33 years old, French, Parisian and appreciates this melting pot: "I am always on holiday abroad," he says. "Moreover all my friends come from the four corners of the world. With The Club, I can expand this atmosphere a little bit.�