By François Deschamps
Every Thursday afternoon, the CIJP organizes visits to Parisians districts, Belleville, The Latin Quarter, the Tuileries, the Louvre, the Palais-Royal, Chinatown…all of Paris is in your hand. This week, Montmartre district is being spotlighted. Zoom in on an afternoon of culture and relaxation.
The visit in detail
Montmartre district is an elegant mix of style. Various architectures and artists, typical cafés which impress foreigners who came to “stroll” in Paris. The walk starts at “Place des Abesses” and finishes at Sacre-Coeur Basilica. Edith, tour guide of the association, shows to her public the history of this popular district. The public is listening carefully and reacts with questions, smiles and sometimes surprise. But it's by surveying the typical streets of this district that the languages untie themselves. Infront of the evident charm of Montmartre, the people talk, exchange their impressions on what they are seeing.
Le Clos de Montmartre

The schedule is complete. The Lavoir Boat (where Picasso painted the famous « Demoiselles d’Avignon »), then the Moulin de la Galette, the house of Poulbot, the Brouillards Castle, the Abreuvoir street (la Maison Rose : photo on the right), le clos de Montmartre (photo above), le Lapin Agile, Saint-Rustique street, Jean-Baptiste Clément Place, la place des Tertres (famous for painters who paint outside), the Saint-Pierre Church of Montmartre and finally, Sacré-Cœur.

La maison Rose

Allée des brouillards

« I love Paris, I love Paris »
Faced with this beauty, the reactions don't have to wait long. On the place des Tertres, facing the painters, Pete (Slovakian) came to France for two months on vacation letting out a sigh of contentment  : « Paris is est pleasant life for living ». Used to the freshness of Slovakia, he affirms that he hardly endures the ambient heat. But the streets of Montmartre have such beauty : they make you forget the small « tracas » of the day. They also have the power to release passions. It is in this setting of the Brouillards street (photo on the left), a Spanish student yells, under the emotion of the moment : « I love Paris, I love Paris ». But Montmartre doesn't form part of the landscapes of the plaines, where everything is flat. And on the ridge of Montmartre, Peter declares « it's tiring to climg and descenc but it is worth it just to have this view of Paris ».

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