Member's testimonies

"Thanks to CIJP I made friends from all nationalities, with whom I spent unforgettable days (for example, one Sunday I went to the skating rink with the CIJP members). I also continue now to write to my friends that I met in Paris, and recently I met two of them in Venice and Florence. They are two Colombian girls who were on vacation in Italy!"

Profile of Cristina, an Italian student and member of the Club International


"I did not have trouble making friends. People from different nationalities, with different pasts and religions. It's always interesting to meet people who have other customs and other ways of life. One of them, that I met at the Club, became my friend. He invited me to go to Algeria. This mix of cultures allows us also to have a lot of ideas about where to go out."

Profile of Chantal, a German student and member of the Club International



"It's a friendly environment. The people there are very open , and have the craving to speak. It's easy to meet and talk with the other people. And thanks to that, I improve my French a lot. It's during these meetings that I make a lot of friends. But I feel closer to the foreigners than the French. I met my best friends there. One is Italian and the other is German."

Profile of Than, a Vietnamese member of the Club International


"The Club International is nice, open. There are many different choices of activities. This summer, I participated in the excursions to Mont Saint- Michel as well as the outing to Caen and the beaches of Débarquement. I also equally attended the conversation workshops."

Li, a Chinese student and member of the Club International


"I visited Reims, the chateaus of Loire, Amsterdam with the Club; but I had already traveled before knowing about the organization. Alone and with friends, I went to Strasbourg, Bordeaux, Lille, Toulouse and Rouen. The difference is that with the Club, there is a package deal, with everything included. You don't have to worry about the organization. Some free time is provided which leaves us time to discuss and be introduced to new ideas and opinions. And the prices are appealing!"

Profile of Martine, meber of the Club International



"I invite all of the students to come and assist with the activities (there are some for all interests). They will find that obviously interesting (when some think of the testimonies) and that will give them the desire to want to offer to others that which they appreciated themselves beforehand."

Profile of Othman, an active volunteer since August 2004



"I talk about the Club to foreigners who don't know about it yet. Also, I would like to lend a helping hand to the Club's website, it's a way to thank it for what it has done for me."

Profile of Eugène Kipnis, a Ukrainian student and member of the Club International



"I made a group of friends rapidy: some Germans, Polish, Americans, Ukrainians."

Profile of Jalal, a Syrian student and member of the Club International


"I am registered in the Club International des Jeunes à Paris. Since then, I have met many foreign students. We visited Paris. We also shared our experiences."

Profile of Marwa, member of the organization since 2003